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Automotive / Car Tinting

Automotive films differ from residential films as they must comply with the road laws. Queensland law states that window films applied to vehicles must be "no darker than 35% (VLT) or Visible Light Transmission, no reflective films and windscreens are not allowed to be tinted". These films can help to reduce vehicle running costs if you use your car air-conditioning. In case of an accident, window film can help to hold the glass together and stop it from shattering.

Our most popular car tinting films are:

3M Black which reduces 39% heat , 56% glare and 99% UV light.

3M Black is a 3M darkest legal window film. This film is extremely popular due to it being a well known brand and a 3M nationwide warranty gives you piece of mind, no matter where you are. It offers privacy as well as heat and glare reduction and maximum UV protection against fading of car upholstery. 

This film has a black external appearance.

Solar Gard Supreme 30 which reduces 46 % heat, 67% glare and 99% UV light.

This film is often a good choice for those with a limited budget. While it offers better heat and glare performance to 3M black, it is not suitable for vehicles with ariels built into the glass. It can also interfere with GPS systems due to it being a metalized film. This film also only offers a 5 year warranty.

This film has a charcoal external appearance.

RAGE which reduces heat, glare and 99% UV light

We also remove old/damaged film from vehicles. Prices vary depending on the size and model of the car. Removal of the film usually takes 2-4 hours depending on the condition of the film.

While taking every precaution we cannot always guarantee that your rear demister will work after film removal. The rear demister is a copper coating on the glass and if the film needs to be removed with a blade the demister will no longer work and cannot be re-applied. The Tint Man takes every possible step to ensure protection of the demister but cannot be held responsible if the demister is damaged in the film removal process.

This mainly applies to vehicles with very bubbled or broken down film.